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Marlow Inner Wheel




The new President carries boxes of cakes and sandwiches

on a cake stand practising for going up and down the

stairs on the Rotary Boat Trip!




Welcome to the website of the Inner Wheel Club of Marlow.  I hope that you will find it interesting and informative. Our aims are to promote friendship and encourage personal service and are very much embraced by the meetings and events we do together and for others.


Inner Wheel started as just for the wives of Rotarians in 1924 and in Marlow it has been active since its charter in 1957. Since 2012 it has been possible for members to join our club who have no Rotary connection but our ties with Rotary remain very strong. Although my husband is not a Rotarian I was brought up in the Rotary/Inner Wheel tradition and my mother was her IW Club President in the late 1960s.


We have a business meeting on the first Tuesday evening of each month and we usually meet in a local pub for lunch in the 3rd week. We have Textile lunches which are social occasions where members meet to knit, chat and eat lunch! We knit blankets and ‘fish and chip’ jumpers for newborns for the Kori project in Sierra Leone. We also knit pairs of Bonding Squares for Special Care Baby units at several UK hospitals. One square is given to the mother and the other put with the premature baby and they are swapped every 12 hours to enable bonding by each having the other’s smell.


We support Rotary by catering for their Senior Citizens’ Boat Trip, Youth Speaks, their fundraising Bridge Night, helping at Kids’ Day Out and rattling tins when they collect in times of national or international emergencies.


We have our own fundraising events such as Bridge Afternoons and our Birthday Tea when we welcome local friends and other Inner Wheel Clubs from our District.


This year I asked that we as a club “Make a Difference” by our actions.


My local charities for this year’s fundraising are Rennie Grove Hospice Care and the Marlow Opportunity Playgroup. Please click on the links below if you would like to know more about them.


Rennie Grove Hospice Care

Marlow Opportunity Playgroup

Pattie Beresford

President 2019 - 2020







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