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Marlow Inner Wheel


President Pattie with celebratory balloons at the Zoom Handover meeting in July 2020 where she had handed the collar back to herself as she continues in role for another year




Welcome to the website of the Inner Wheel Club of Marlow. I hope that you will find it interesting and informative about Inner Wheel in general and our Club in particular.


Inner Wheel started as a club for the wives of Rotarians in 1924 and in Marlow it was chartered in 1957. Since 2012 it has been possible for members to join our club who have no connection to Rotary, but the ties between the two clubs remain very strong. My husband is not a Rotarian but my parents were Rotary and Inner Wheel with my mother being her Inner Wheel Club’s President in the late 1960s.


The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes for our club. I am continuing as President for another year and the Committee, which had been planned for this year, will take over next July.


The Coronavirus pandemic has prevented us from having physical meetings since March 2020, but we have adapted and held Committee and Club meetings on Zoom. I light the candle of friendship and our business meetings follow their usual pattern. As an added interest we have followed with Bingo and in September we had potted life stories of two members accompanied by a slide show of photographs. We are learning new skills all the time. We have had Pub lunches and even a Textile coffee morning via Zoom with everyone knitting. It is not the same as meeting in person but keeps us in contact. On lockdown we immediately set up a telephone tree. The Committee members phone the rest of the Club on a rotation every week. This has been much appreciated by members, especially those who do not have an internet connection or do not manage Zoom. It has also helped newer members to get to know the rest of the club with whom they may not have had much contact.


As government guidelines allow we have met up in each others gardens, in very small groups for coffee or tea, and this has given a feeling of normality among all the changes.


As with every club, our ability to fundraise has been severely curtailed. However by donating what we might have spent doing Inner Wheel activities we have managed to raise some funds which have been donated to Rennie Grove and One Can. We are very much missing the usual events through the year – Birthday Tea, Senior Citizens Boat Trip, Bridge Afternoons and all the things which help to cement the friendship of the group while we make sandwiches and cakes and raise money for good causes.


This year I have again nominated Rennie Grove Hospice Care as my main Charity. We hope to be able to support other local charities as needs become apparent.


Please have a look at the rest of our website, which we hope will interest and amuse.


Pattie Beresford

President 2020 - 2021










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